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Frequently Asked Question's

What age can children start dancing? 

Mom and me ballet classes start with children as young as 18 months old. Children can start classes without Mom at 2 ½ years old. 

Are parents able to come in the dance classes?

We have monitors in our lobby and they are turned on once a month so that parents can view progress of their dancer. Parents and siblings may be distracting to dancers if they come in the dance class while it is in session. 

How often do students come to class and what do they wear? 

Recreational dancers come to dance class one day a week. Dancers may choose any color or style of dancewear to wear to class. No t-shirts or baggy clothing. Younger dancers wear pink leather ballet shoes, black patent tie tap shoes and tan jazz oxfords. Some classes for older dancers require an oxford tap shoe. You may purchase dancewear and shoes anywhere you choose. We do have a full line of new dance shoes and dancewear and a collection of second hand shoes for sale in our shoppe inside our dance studio. We will be glad to help fit your child with all of her dancing needs. 

How long are classes? 

Individual classes are between 30 and 60 minutes. Combinations of classes, for instance, tap, ballet, and jazz can be total an hour and a half to two hours. The dance season follows the school year, beginning in August and finishing in May with a Spring Performance. 

How much is registration and class tuition? 

All tuition information is listed on our Registration page. 

When is the monthly payment due and how do I pay?

Is there a late fee? Monthly fees are due on the first of each month and late after the tenth of the month. Payments may be made in cash, Mastercard or Visa credit or debit or check. After one returned check ($35 fee), we will accept only cash or credit card. $10 late fees will be applied to payment beginning the eleventh of the month. An additional $20 fee will be applied to payment if the unpaid balance is carried over until the next month. 

Are classes prorated for absences? 

If a student will be missing class, please email the studio. There are no refunds for missed classes, however Stephanie will email you additional classes taught at the studio that are the same level and your child can make up her class by attending this class. 

How do I keep up with studio news? 

Important information will be posted here on the website and on the bulletin boards in the lobby.  Notes will periodically be given to your dancer in class. These notes will also be posted on our bulletin boards. A note will be posted on the front door letting you know when your dancer will be bringing home important information. Please make sure we have a correct email address. We will send emails to you with important information a few times during the season, especially near the recital. You can always check our website for holiday closings and important dates. You may also join us on Facebook and keep up with the latest Stephanie’s Dancers news! 

How can I get in touch with my child’s dance teacher? 

Instructors can be contacted via email. Please do not try to catch an instructor between classes. Class schedules are very tight and our instructors would like to give your questions and concerns proper attention. 

Recital: When and where is your annual spring recital? What can we expect? 

Our recitals are scheduled for Saturday, May 20, 2023. It is a continuous running show and lasts approximately 2 hours. Dancer will perform one routine for each discipline of dance she is enrolled in at our studio. So, if your dancer takes tap, ballet, & jazz classes – she will be in three dances. All of your child’s dances will be in the same recital. We do try to put all siblings in the same recital, but sometimes that is not possible. 

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